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Learning and Teaching Online: 3 Myths Busted

New technology means a different role for teachers…

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Language learning technology is a growing and often standard part of most school curriculum. Students and teachers alike are taking advantage of online tools, websites, apps to support their language learning and teaching goals. A recent NCES survey stated that over 51% of all teachers in the US now use some form of curriculum based software.

Nevertheless, there are some standard myths out there about online language learning technology. As with any rapidly changing way of doing something, there are always fears and apprehensions, misinformation and misunderstanding about that which is new.

Here are 3 myths we find particularly pervasive and would like to address directly given our experience implementing EnglishCentral  video based learning into thousands of classrooms.

Myth 1

Many teachers still believe that online learning and technology in general is “repetitive” and behavioristic. That it isn’t human and adaptive. We at EnglishCentral challenge that. Video offers astounding ways to personalize the…

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