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Silent Whistler


Musings of a Retiring Person

Whistling is something that happens in countries around the world, some places even use whistles as codes to spread messages long distances. My dad used to whistle tunes easily and when I was growing up Wolf Whistles were an embarrassing part of life. I was 12 and had just started at a new school when another student was whistling as the teacher came into the room. The teacher flounced out of the room again and came back in swaggering and whistling before announcing, “A whistling woman and a crowing hen are good for neither god nor men.” I’ve remembered that all these years, not as a reminder of how to behave but because I thought she was a pompous spoilsport.

There was an unassuming, little lady who worked where I did about 20 years ago and I discovered that with two fingers she could produce a deafening whistle that would…

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