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Some of the  sessions which we were able to watch online.

Thursday 14th April 2016

Today’s  Live Schedule | IATEFL Online

0900-1010 Plenary Silvana Richardson

Silvana RichardsonThe ‘native factor’, the haves and the have-nots

…and why we still need to talk about this in 2016. It is often claimed that much has changed in the eld of English Language Teaching since 1983, when Peter Medgyes rst described the struggle of ‘non-native’ teachers for visibility and due recognition. But has it? Away from academic circles, where the discourses that equated the ideal teacher with the ‘native speaker’ have been interrogated and critiqued, how has the situation really changed for the professional teacher of English whose rst or home language is a language other than English?
In this talk I will draw on research studies, anecdotal evidence and my own and my colleagues’ personal experiences to examine the state of equality and social justice in ELT with reference to the so-called ‘non- native speaker teacher’ thirty years on. I will look at how the logic of the market is used to justify current discriminatory recruitment practices that still perpetuate the view that a(n unquali ed) native speaker is preferable to a quali ed and professional ‘non-native teacher’.
I will re ect on the impact of the native-speaker bias and its dominance on developments in English Language teaching methodology, and how this dominance seems to have affected the emergence of context-appropriate pedagogies. Finally, I will address the ‘second best’ view of the ‘non-native teacher’ and its impact on their own construction of a legitimate professional identity and on their con dence in themselves as teachers, users and experts of an-other language.

10:45    interview with Wendy Arnold & Coralyn Bradshaw

11:00    interview with Nick Bilbrough

11:15    interview with Andrew Foster

11:30    interview with Shaike Francis Sefalane (Hornby scholar)

11:45    interview with Alireza Safar (Hornby scholar)

12:00    interview with Adrian Underhill

12:15    interview with Vuyokazi Makubalo & Pipit Suharto & Urmila Khaled (Hornby scholar)

12:30    interview with Carol Read

12:45    interview with Roohi Malik

13:00-14:00    break

14:00    interview with Larissa Goulart da Silva & Maria Soledad Loutayf & Praphatsorn Wongchaiwa (Hornby scholars)

14:15   interview with Thorsten Merse

14:30   interviews by Paul Braddock

14:45   interviews by Paul Braddock

15:00   interview with Melanie Aplin

15:15   interview with Judy Boyle

15:30   interview with Ben Gray and Seamus Harkin

15:45   interview with Harisimran Sandhu

16:00   interview with Neil McLaren

16:15   interview with Amadeu Marin

16:30   end of live interviews

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