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Presenting to colleagues

Thank you for sharing ideas on giving a good professional presentation.

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I’ve been attending some professional conferences lately and been thinking a lot about how people present to colleagues. We’ve probably all sat through our share of painful keynote presentations and disorganized discussions. So, what makes a presentation successful? This week, I thought I’d share some ideas on giving a good professional presentation.

1. Complement your slides but don’t recite them. I’ve talked about Mayer’s Multimedia Principles in other posts but this is perfect example of how redundancy can actually diminish learning. When a speaker reads every word on a projected slide, the auditory and visual channels of the attendees are no longer working in concert with one another. This redundancy acts as cognitive noise which can diminish the effectiveness of the presentation. The gifted presenters I’ve encountered craft their dialogue to complement what they project to attendees.

2. Engage the audience. I find it surprising that many really good teachers…

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