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Jase (Fluency MC)


The book and optional media pack are for English language teachers to use in their classrooms. I have a created a second order page with a special “back-to-school” discount, valid between now and September.

The book contains 64 pages of lyrics, gap-fill lyrics, and activity suggestions for 12 of my most popular songs and videos.

Teachers who purchase the book + media pack receive 36 mp3 song files and access to a private area on my website, where they can watch the videos in high-definition (with no advertising) and post questions and suggestions for me and other English teachers.

About the discount: For the book only, use this coupon code FLUENCYTEACHER. The price will then be $9 (the regular price is $15). For the book + media pack, the discounted price is $20 (regular price $29). No need to enter a coupon code for the book + media pack.


Fluency MC is Jason R Levine. He is an English teacher, teacher trainer, “knowledge entertainer,” and creator of the English Workout Method. He has taught English and given workshops in 14 countries over the past 18 years.

Jason has taught people of all ages and cultures, from children and teenagers to university students and executives of international companies. He is currently doing Rhyme On Time student workshops at schools across Europe with Gallery Languages.

He also coaches and trains NNESTs (Non Native English Speaker Teachers) online and at schools worldwide.


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