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About Halina’s Teaching

I am a passionate non- native English teacher. Teaching is a big part of my life. For that understanding, I am a lifelong   scholar.

I am in blended learning/ training and flipped classroom.

The traditional physical classroom settings for my lessons are not efficient enough.
In my view, technology gives us many new possibilities.

I prefer blended learning, which means, taking advantage of both, traditional f2f techniques and opportunities confronted by new technologies.

Moreover, thinking in a foreign language is exactly what I want my students to accomplish. I teach without a bridge language.

When I teach Polish, my foreigners and I have to speak only Polish, and my English classes are run entirely in English.

This means they are required to forget about native language and start speaking as well as thinking in a foreign language.

My students learn English in different contexts, mostly singing phrases, expressions, collocation, idioms, and phrasal verbs also telling stories. Moreover, I encourage them to talk to everybody, even to themselves in a foreign language. As a result of this, they can establish a set of compelling stories.

I correct only little mistakes.  I do not want them to stop talking. I also encourage my students to listen to songs, watch movies with subtitles in a language they learn, read a lot and so forth.

Moreover, I often use YouTube videos to improve student’s pronunciation, as well as, movies with English subtitles and of course songs.

I believe in using music in English teaching. My approach is that we do not speak the language, but we sing it.

English bears a unique melody, rhythm as well as intonation.

My students enjoy English lessons with me because they are never bored.2014_august

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