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Enhanced Learning Experiences

To provide enhanced learning experiences, it is important to remember these points:

Communication must be regular and responsive to partners.BannerforNing6
Technology tools need to be tested and trialed first before students become frustrated – in this summit it was made clear teachers had set up the technology and supported student use throughout
Collaboration means being able to ‘get on’ with others – so although there may be disagreements between cross-school teams, the goal is to problem solve and come to a mutual understanding – we all need these skills in today’s world!
Student-centred, inquiry-based learning is key to successful sharing and the better understanding of global partners here.

Classroom Odyssey


Quick announcement: I’ll be presenting, along with Susan Gay Hyatt, my Blue Planet co-director, at the 8th annual Global Education Conference, a worldwide online event for educators and others interested in the world of benefits that global education can provide to students.

Join us–for free!–on Wednesday, November 15 at 2pm EST to hear us answer the burning question:

What’s a Crankie??

We’ll be showcasing a Crankie project that Blue Planet carried out between a school in South Florida and one in Shanghai, China, and teaching you how you can create a similar project in your own classroom. The presentation will be great for

  • Language arts teachers
  • Fine arts teachers
  • Social studies teachers
  • World language teachers
  • Teaching Artists
  • Cultural Educators

Attendance, which is completely online, is free. Go to the Conference schedule page here for information on how to join us and the other presenters for this fantastic conference!

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Answer the questions…..

Is Online the Future of Education?




Recommendations for M.A. Halina Ostańkowicz – Bazan

Malgorzata Stawska

Director of DFL in 2005-2011

Wroclaw  05. 05. 2014

Department of Foreign Languages Wroclaw University of Technology



M.A. Halina Ostańkowicz – Bazan has been working in the Department of Polish for Foreigners at the Wroclaw University of Technology for nearly forty years and so many years has also been my friend and collaborator. Since the moment, I met her – to this day I have always been impressed by her amazing personality. I would like to express my comprehensive respect for her expertise, professionalism, teaching skills and methodologies. She teaches Polish language at all levels, runs English lectures and develops teaching programs. The widespread recognition among executives, teachers, colleagues, as well as students is her commitment to the work, the aspiration to provide students with the latest knowledge using the most recent techniques and technologies. Halina gained exceptional high opinion, thanks to her awesome and determined enthusiasm in the search for refining excellence of teaching methods as well as implementing new pedagogic approaches. She continually educates and develops professionally. Each time I see her at the Wroclaw University of Technology, Halina is learning and updating her teaching skills.

She has taken many thought-provoking, challenging and significant initiatives for our University. Organized a Summer School of Polish Language, led and continues to lead lectures on Polish Culture and History in English for foreign students, has created a website http://www.sjo.pwr.wroc.pl/89769,131.dhtml

M.A.Halina Ostańkowicz – Bazan was also responsible for generating the image of the Department of Polish for Foreigners at Wroclaw University of Technology / SJPC / in the media and on the Internet. As the first in our Team, began teaching Polish at a distance and online. Today Halina is a distinguished expert in the field of distance learning; both in teaching Polish and English.

Furthermore, her work as a lecturer in postgraduate studies, in the field of Communication and Management was very effective. Surrounded by the framework of those studies, she conducted courses on self-presentation, public relations, public speaking, culture, language correctness, etc. The lectures were very popular among the audience and were also very much appreciated by the organizers of these studies. Ms. Halina Ostańkowicz – Bazan takes a stimulating, ambitious and responsible tasks, carries them always perfectly. As a result of her working attitude, I feel grateful and need to say that work with her is a guarantee of success and satisfaction.
Malgorzata Stawska

My Screencast My Class – YouTube

My Screencast My Class – YouTube

via My Screencast My Class – YouTube.

When to retire?

When to retire?.

The Best Web Tools for Students to Create Visually Powerful Digital Resumes and Portfolios

The Best Web Tools for Students to Create Visually Powerful Digital Resumes and Portfolios.

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